Je dois avoir perdu mes habitudes parisiennes… Une lectrice de longue date! Article de 10 minutes Commenter 19 Partager. I am simultaneously over and underwhelmed by Zara. Not to sound like I have a girl crush or anything…okay maybe a little one. Style Make Yourself A Home. Also their size chart is always realible. Stay real Garance, kisses!

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Have a lovely day, Mary x.

Il faut de la methodologie pour trouver de bonnes choses!!! Your advices are very wise anyway!!!! Your advice is very helpful and makes we want to go there right now!

There goes my Zara guide! Bonjour Emma, Merci beaucoup pour tous ces bons conseils encore une fois! Shirts and acessories are much easier.

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Clearly we need clothes at a variety of price points, but we do need to get back to fewer, better, longer lasting and that shift to the best quality we can afford is particularly applicable to work clothing. There are some nice pieces, as you say — I have one jacket that I bought there a couple of years ago tro is both nice and of good quality — but I no longer shop there.

Here in Estonia zxyra put the cheapest things in the middle of the store. Mmmmm, elementary my dear Watson. Les chemisiers un peu flous sont pour moi des basiques de garde robe.


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And I stay away from the dresses, they look wonderful on the rack and then I put them on and they have often a very weird fit. Merci pour ce retour.

Moi je magasine en ligne chez Zara! When I used to be a student in Toulouse, Zara was the go-to store. Good selection of shirts and blouses with interesting subtle detail http: Keep up with such wonderful and inspiring work.

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We spend months gleefully Also if you see a piece in a magazine go on line to order. People always ask where I have bought them. I stopped buying knits at Zara a while ago, they fall apart so quickly…. The thing not to do is to get super excited about pieces that look just like something you saw somewhere else.

Le cours euros-CHF est de 1. Who and what are we really inspired Ils sont souvent en similicuir, les chaussures font donc mal aux pieds et ne les laissent pas respirer.

I always wear this scarf, for example.

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I sst your blog and have been reading for a little while, but I was just inspired to write today since you mention my favorite store Zara. He makes a living handing out flyers for a comic book store dressed as an off-brand superhero. Zara is a fast fashion brand, so admirably fast that a high rate of faulty pieces get on the shelves.


Guess I just have an old soul and different style when it comes to fashion. Things I Learned Three looks.

For the last few seasons I almost bought my whole wardrobe from Zara except bags and shoeshowever since my closet is overfilled with stuff I usually wear only one season, I gave myself a strict Zara shopping regime this season and it worked tro. People always ask me where I shop… Zara is my secret… shhh… new post: You said it much better than I did, Elizabeth.

How did you pick which pieces to splurge on and which pieces to skimp on?